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This project has been created in 2008, so nuget and others didn't exists.
  1. Build Libs/ projects
    1. If Libs/Quartz/Quartz.2008 not build , Relink Common.Logging assembly in Libs/bin*
  1. Build AddIns/AddInsLoad
  1. Build the repository
  2. Build the CrawlingApplication
  3. Build the queryserver
  4. Build the indexer
  5. Build the scheduler
  6. Build the ShareCrawler
  7. Build the webcrawler
  8. Build all Addins/Addins interface/projects
  9. Build Plugins/File/Addins.htm and Plugins/Protocol/Addins.Http

Other projects not work un this version

Boot the system:

Note : You can found a test website in Web/Search
The admin website will appear with the beta 2 - 3 process

  1. Boot the repository
  2. Boot the crawling application
  3. Boot the scheduler
  4. Boot the indexer
  5. Boot the queryserver
  6. Boot the webcrawler

Option : You can boot the system from the dmoz directory launch the webcrawler with : -dmoz "PathToTheDmozDirectory" for load the system

You can find the dmoz directory here : decompress it

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